Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Daring to be Different

I made and then shared the above picture/quote on my Facebook author page not too long ago. I've carried the quote with me for a long, long time. Before I was officially a writer I always felt different from others, and for some periods of my life I resented that. As I've grown and matured, I've learned that being willing to risk the unusual is a tremendous gift.

I'd far rather take chances in life and be labeled as "weird" or "strange" by people, than to lead a mundane and boring existence.

This week on my author blog I introduced a bold new plan that I've been kicking around. You can read about it here. Basically, I'm reworking my first novel and then adding on two sequels to form a trilogy. It's something I never thought I would do, and I kind of feel like I'm about to jump off a rocky cliff and take a plunge into the ocean. Despite the risks, I'd rather take the plunge and fail miserably than to stand up on the ledge and stay frozen with fear.

History definitely does not favor the weak-kneed.

When I originally came out with my Gracie the Ghost Eater book, some people reacted like I'd just killed a pig in the middle of a grade school playground. The idea was so foreign and "crazy" to them that they just couldn't handle it, I guess. At the same time, I've had many people tell me how original they think it is, and have had kids send me fan art and tell me how much they love the book. Now it's getting a sequel as well, so I guess you could call the venture a success to one degree or another.

I haven't always been good at making bold, even crazy moves, but I'm getting better at it. To paraphrase a famous quote, heroes are different from other people because they stand up and take action, and they get back up each time they're knocked down. I don't care if I have to pick myself up off the ground 5,000 times, I'm going to plow ahead and see these and many more projects to their fullest potential.

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