Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This Is Why I Write

Sometimes writing can be incredibly frustrating. You can feel cut off from everyone else, and sometimes you question if the thing you're slaving away on will be read by anyone. It's a pathway filled with uncertainty, one that only the strong will survive.

If writing's so difficult and fraught with emotional trials, why would anyone do it? The answers are as varied as the writers themselves. When it comes to me, my own answer to the question often depends on what's going on at the time. Sometimes I'm writing because quite frankly I have bills to pay, and I work like anyone else. Sometimes it's all about the art of the craft.

Just yesterday I was reminded of one of the highest reasons why I write: to inspire the rising generation. I published my first Gracie the Ghost Eater book to help kids enjoy reading, because I owe so much to the authors who sparked the love of the written word inside my soul.

A parent reached out to me and let me know that his 8 year-old's favorite book is Gracie the Ghost Eater. That's a great feeling, because sometimes you wonder if anyone really cares about the words you've laid out on the page. I've heard from other people about the book, including receiving fan art from some young readers, and each time it's a huge uplift. That's what's propelling me forward with writing the second Gracie book, because I know those kids will love it. And you know what? I'm loving writing the book as I think about how my little readers will receive it.

Sometimes the best writing rewards are the small, intangible ones.

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  1. So very true. A few words from a reader makes you remember why you keep doing this.